Join The Growing Movement Of Esports In Indiana!

Hosting weekly tournaments, community nights, and premier esports events (the largest in Indiana!) at our game lounge in Fort Wayne.

No matter your skill-level, The Odyssey is your gaming home in Northeast Indiana.

1000+ Players in the Community

We believe that everyone deserves to be connected with others that share their passion for gaming.

With our events and meetups, you will have plenty of opportunities to connect with others that like games just as much as you.

Compete and Have Fun!

It's not easy to find other people locally that play the same games as you. It is especially hard if there aren't any tournaments near you. You shouldn't have to drive hours to compete.

The Odyssey, with the help of our growing community and player base, is changing this.


Join a tournament and be a part of the community!

Weekly Tournaments

Weekly tournaments happen every week for you to hone your skills live at The Odyssey Game Lounge!

These events are laid back and let you get plenty of games in with other players. Tons of friendly faces!

We currently offer Smash Ultimate & Smash Melee locals with more games to come!

$5-10 Entry Fee

Held at 3414 N Anthony Blvd, Fort Wayne, IN 46805

Premiere Events & Regionals

Premiere events are offered on a less consistent schedule but bring in competitors from all over Indiana and surrounding states!

These events are the real deal! We have the largest tournaments in Indiana!

Previous events have hosted up to 350 total competitors and 200+ spectators!

Top players from across the US, Germany, and Japan!

Free Play and Practice Sessions

Want to just check it out before putting any money on the line?

We offer free-play nights for players to improve and enjoy the community for free!
Current free-play times are every Wednesday from 5 PM - 9 PM EST.

Held at 3414 N Anthony Blvd, Fort Wayne, IN 46805

Join the Discord to learn when and where!

Discord Community

Our Discord community is home to over 370 gamers and the main hub for staying up to date on what is happening with our events!

Join to stay updated on upcoming events, talk to other players, and find online practice.

Don't Worry If You Are A Beginner!

You are still welcome to come and play for fun!

We all have to start somewhere and the community will help you on your journey to get better!

Spectators are always welcome! Come check out the action!

Adam - Ranked #2 In Fort Wayne

"I've made tons of friends by going to locals and have improved at the game as a whole because everyone is extremely cool and friendly.

It's just a great scene to be a part of and you'll find a bunch of friendly and welcoming people who love to play the game."

August Elliot - #3 In Fort Wayne

"My favorite part of esports and local tournaments by far has to be meeting new people and making friends.

I have made lifelong friends and people I cherish a lot at locals and esports at school."





"I Don't Play These Games"

We are always looking for new games to host! If you have a favorite game you think would be a good fit to host tournaments for, tell us here! Your wish just might come true!