Why Are We Called "Odyssey" ?

The First Home Video Game Console Was Made In Fort Wayne!

Magnavox Odyssey, released commercially in September of 1972
(Source: https://americanhistory.si.edu/collections/search/object/nmah_1302004)


Ralph Baer's idea to turn the most common consumer electronic item from something you just watched into something you could interact with was what led to the first home video-game console ever!


In 1966, Baer pulled two engineers out of a $10 million military project to let them tinker with his idea. By January 1968, Baer and his engineers had landed on the Brown Box prototype.

Original Prototype named "Brown Box" before it was given a design overhaul (Source)


Baer pitched his "Brown Box" invention to over half a dozen companies but was rejected every time. His pitch was approved by the Magnavox Corporate boardroom in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1969. This led to it's development right here in Fort Wayne


The Odyssey released in September 1972 and sold 69,000 units but fell short of the 100,000 Magnavox had manufactured. By 1975, the Odyssey had sold 350,000 units world wide and was discontinued. Competitors like Atari soon foreshadowed the Magnavox Odyssey, but it was the first to do what it did - bring games to our TVs and homes.

How Did The Odyssey Work?

Featuring just a few dots, primitive controllers, and overlays for the TV based on the game

We Want To Be What The Odyssey Did For Video Games

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